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2014 Spring Registration

(Registration fee includes a "Visor, Jersey, Participation Trophy and use of the training facility" - Registration deadline is December 31, 2013)
Online Registration Information

Since this system is new, please read the following to help make your registration process go smoothly.  All registration needs to be done through this system.  If you have any questions regarding your registration please send and email to the registrar.


1.  All families will be required to create an account the first time logging into our system.  Please add all family members, players and parents by choosing the add children or add adult options (alternate contact information such as phone numbers and emails can be added when another adult is added to the account).

2.  After the account is created this registration system will be used to register and make payments for any of the available programs. Through the registration system you will have access to all account information, including payments due, payments received, due dates, outstanding balances, etc.


 Temecula Valley Girls Softball accepts Visa/MasterCard or Debit Cards.

    If you have multiple players, please register them all at the same time.  To do  this after completing one registration click the continue shopping button to register another player.

5.     The entire registration process occurs over a secure server using the highest security currently available.


  Please read the Q&A questions below:


*If unable to register online please contact Nikki Arango at or 951-966-8883.

Thank you for inquiring about registration for the Spring 2014 season. Below are some FAQ's to help answer some of your questions pertaining to registration:

Q. How do I sign up?
A. We only accept online registration by going to

What is the minimum Playing age?
A. Please use chart below:

Birth Year          Division
2007-2008                  6U
2005-2006                  8U
2003-2004                 10U
2001-2002                 12U
1999-2000                 14U

Q. Does TVGSA allow girls to play up?
A. Only for Winter ball and only if she is moving up in the Spring. e.g. if she is 8U now but will be playing 10U in Spring she can move up.

 Q. Does TVGSA Allow Travel Ball Players?
A. No travel ball players after January 1st and no refunds after this date. For Winter ball there can be some excpetions.

Q. Does TVGSA require a copy of my daughters birth certificate?
A. Only if she has never played in our league before. This document can be mailed or emailed to our player agent Nikki Arango:

Q. What is the refund deadline?
A. The refund deadline is December 31st for Spring and August 15th for Winter and no refunds will be issued after this date. Refunds issued before the deadline will be less any TVGSA registration processing fees.

Q. Is there a registration late fee?
A. The registration late fee is $15.00 and is non-refundable, as well as the current registration fee.

Q. Are there evaluations?
A. There are evaluations for the 8U through uppers divisions only. These evaluations are typically held the first 2 Saturday's of January for Spring and the last week of August for Winter, and players need only attend 1 of the evaluation dates. All players are required to be evaluated, and every player registered by the deadline will be assigned to a team.

Q. How are teams picked?
A. Teams are formed by a player draft. Managers will rate the girls during the evaluations and pick their teams about a week after the last evaluation date.

Q. What is the Registration fee?
A. The fee is typically about $145.00 for Spring, and if you are a non-resident you have to add $10.00 to the fee as mandated by the city of Temecula. There is a $10.00 sibling discount for each child after you pay full registration for the first child. 6U is typically $20 cheaper. Winter registration is around $110.00

Q. What is included in the registration fee?
A. Players, receive a visor, jersey, and a trophy or medal, use of the training facility, and at least 1 umpire per game. (6U has no umpires / hence the lower registration fee)

Q. How long does the season last?
A. Typically, the season lasts from March to May in the Spring and September to November for Winter. Practices start first week of February and the season usually kicks off first week of March for the Spring season. For winter, practices start last week of August and the season kicks off after Labor Day and runs through the first week of November.

Q. How many days a week do the team's practice?
A. Prior to the season, teams may practice twice a week, and once the season starts practice is once a week. Teams will also be designated a spot at the training facility during the week of about 45 minutes.

Q. How many games in a season?
A. There are typically 12 to 14 games in a season, plus a double elimination tournament in the post season. All divisions will play a weekday game and a Saturday game (2 games a week).

Q. What equipment will my daughter need to play softball?
A. Your daughter will need cleats, and a glove. The league provides balls and bats and helmets for community use. We recommend you buy sliding pads as well.

Q. Does TVGSA allow requests?
A. TVGSA doesn't allow requests, i.e. friends to play together. The main reason for this is that all girls are drafted onto a team and there is no way we can promise to keep the players together.

Q. Can my daughters play on the same team?
A. Yes, if your daughters are in the same division they have the option to play together or be placed on separate teams. If either parent is the manager, there is an exception for a daughter to be moved up with the older daughter if she is a second year player in that division. For example, if you have a daughter in 12U, and her sister is a second year 10U player, she can be moved up with the older sibling, but the older sibling can't be moved down, and this option is only available to managers daughter's.

Q. What do we do if we get placed onto a team with a manager that we've had issues with in the past?
A. Please notify the player agent (prior to the draft) if there is a manager in your division that you've had problems with and we will ensure that your daughter is not placed on that team. The reason has to be valid, and there is no guarantee that we can accommodate every request.

Q. My daughter has never played softball, what can we expect?
A. About 40% of the girls who sign up have never played softball or have limited experience with softball. At the recreation level, it is about developing and learning, but there are divisions that can get competitive. As a league we have playing rules in place to ensure that everyone gets into the game. On offense every team must bat the entire lineup, regardless if they played defense that inning. On defense, a player can't sit consecutive innings. As a parent, if your daughter is only playing outfield and only plays every other inning, please speak with your manager first, and if you don't get resolution, you can bring it to the boards attention. There is no reason, other than safety, for a manager not to have a good rotation on defense.

Q. Why are there pitching limitations?
A. We put pitching limitation on 8U, 10U and 12U to ensure that coaches are developing more pitchers, and to keep from burning a player out during the course of the season. Our goal as a rec league is to develop as many pitchers as possible. The more pitchers we develop the better quality of games the parents get to enjoy.

Q. I want to become a Volunteer, what is the process?
A. There is a box to check when you register, and our Volunteer Coordinator will then forward you the necessary paperwork to fill out and pay the processing fee. Typically we will need the signed ASA release form, TVGSA volunteer form, and a color copy of your drivers license. The normal volunteer fee is $25.00 and this covers you for the entire calendar year. For more questions or concerns regarding volunteering for TVGSA please contact Mark Wendel at

Q. How are All Star Teams picked?
A. On May 1st Managers will meet with the All Star Committee, and their division coordinator to discuss all the players in their division and put forth their recommendations to the All Star manager. The All Star manager will then use this information to pick the All Star team, along with input from the All Star Committee should the manager need further advice.

Q. What are the major differences in each division?
A. To follow are the major rules differences in each division:

8U - Division:
- Coach / Player pitch - Girls begin to pitch, and typically coaches will assume the pitch count after 4 balls (i.e. no walks) for the first half of the season. The second half of the season there is no coach pitch. 
- There are pitching limitations, usually 2 innings max per pitcher.
- Run rule of 4 points per team, per inning.
- Pitching distance is 30'
- Scores / standings kept in this division
- This division uses a 10" RIF blue dot safety ball.

10U - Division
- Player pitch only
- Pitching distance is 35'
- Pitching limitations is 18 outs in consecutive games
- Run rule is generally 4 runs per inning per team, open in the last inning, run ahead rule applies.
- Scores / standings are kept in this division
- This division uses an 11" RIF softball.

12U Division
- Player pitch only
- Pitching distance is 40'
- Pitching limitations is 24 outs in consecutive games
- No Run rule -- ASA Mercy rule applies
- Scores / standings are kept in this division
- This division uses a 12" dream seam softball.

14U Division
- Player pitch only
- No Pitcher limitations
- Pitching distance is 40'
- No Run Rule - ASA mercy rule applies
- Scores / Standings are kept in this division
-This division uses a 12" dream seam softball



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